Cleaning Day

TRASH MY dad Is Cleaninng Our Tank yaaay can’t wait t’ill hee’s donee !

– Bad Turtle Care

  – Wow Bad Turtle Care Neveer Feed A Turtle Annn Mousee Heaad My COusinn Pit From New YOrk Dieed Frommm That ( smh At Least Feed Him |Or Heer Actual Turtle Food !

New HOmee ! ( Ice )

  –  WOW   Im In A Better Enviroment Now My Other Owneers Didnt Keep Me Or My Sister Indigo Clean Wee Didnt Have Names But Now Wee Do Annd I love Them And Did YOuu Notice That All Of Our Names Start With An ( I ) Ivory _ Indigo _Ice Thats COOL Dad But TO Start mee Off Let Me TELL YOU ABOUT MYSELF 

                 –  –   Well  hola Bloggers Im Ice Khan  And Im About Months Old ‘ ‘ Haha ‘ ‘ I Was The second Turtle to be picked Right After Indigo Got Picked  my dad adopted me he adopted Indigo and from Her face she looked very very happy we were very lucky today ……but im dont feel bad because my previous ownerdidnt care too much about and obviously thats why she gave me away ,I feel blessed because he takes good care of me like I am the most important thing in his life. Of  Thats True.I’m a bit spoiled, I love my Dad. I love sleeping on his lap and chase him around. Posing in front of camera really comes natural to me :) 

      – –    That’s all about me, I hope you enjoy my life. ♥  ♥ ♥